NEW BACTH ! DONNY BURGER up to 28 %THC - Special Price $125 oz!


Donny Burger is aslightly sativa dominant hybrid strain ( 60% sativa / 40% indica )created through crossing the powerful GMO X Han Solo Burger strains . Love a great sativa high but apperciate  the physical effects of a hybrid . Donny Burger may be one snack that you&#39 . ll want to inculge in ASAP . This tasty bud packs full -bodied effects that boots the mind and relax the body at the same time . You&#39 , ll fell an instant sense of happiness wash over you as soon as you exhale , leaving your brain no room for neative moods or racing throughts . You&#39 , re more sociable and charismatic in this state , happily chatting with those around you.

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