New! JET FUEL - 17% -19% THC - Special Price $90 oz!


Jet Fuel , also known more commonly by the name “G6”, is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa /30% indica ) strain created through crossing the infamous Aspen OG X High Country Diesel strais . With its powerful 17-19% average THC level and soaring effects , Jet Fuel is often said to be the “cocaine of marijuana “.And after one hit of this heavy hitter , you’ll definitely see why .The Jet Fuel high smashes into you with an immediate effect felt right in the forhead and behind the eyes .You’ll feel euphoric and uplifted with a sense of tingly cerebral energy that can leave you super giggly at times .As your mind soars through the clouds , your body will succumb to a feeling of complete  relaxation that dosen’t cause sedation or couch-lock , but rather leaves you incredibly lazy .With these powerful effects , Jeet Fuel is often a paitient choice for treating chronic stress, mood swing , and depression . Jet Fuel has lumpy and flat heat -shaped olive green nugs with furry amber hairs decked in glittering amber crystal trichomes .The flavor is incredibly pungent with a diesel overtone accented  by sweet skunk .Jet  Fuel is aroma is even stronger , with a pungent diesel effect topped with sweet skunk pine .


THC : 17%- 19% , CBD : 1%

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