NEW BACTH ! MEATBREATH upto 28% THC - Special Price $100 oz!


Meatbreath is rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica / 50% sativa ) created through crossing the infamous Meatloaf X Mendo Breath strains. With this bud , the nam says it all -you’re going to get one insane flavor that will leave you tasting it for hour on end . Meatbreath has a super dank and spicy citrus diesel flavor that has a notable hint of meatloaf upon exhale . The smell takes a more pungent turn , with harsh chemical diesel and spicy rotting meats filling any room with its potent stench .The Meatbreath high is just as addictive as the flavor , with well balanced effects that hit both mind and body with a heavy potency thanks to its high 24%-29% average THC level . You’ll feel a euphonic onset settle into your mind soon after your final toke , filling you with a lifted energy that’s pretty , mellow . As your mind lifts , your body will begin to settle into a light relaxed state that leaves you completely pain -free and at ease with the world around you . Thanks to these effects , Meatbreath is often chosen to treat condition such as chronic fatigue , depression , chronic pain , nausea or appetite loss , and chronic stress . This bud has long tapered minty green nugs with thin fiery orange hairs and a thick frosty blanket of bright white chunky crystal trichomes covering each and every hair and leaf .

THC : 28%.       HYBRID  50% SATIVA / 50% INDICA .

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