New Batch ! KOFFEE CAKE 18% THC- Special Price $135 oz !


The Koffee Cake strain is indica dominant and contains a moderate 18% THC and 3%CBD . with just one puff , itinstantly puts you into a state of relaxation .Although the 420 community doesn’t consider this cannabis a high THC strain ,you still fell the potency .It clears your mind of any worries or stresses and uplifts your mood , providing a warm sense of happiness.You won’t experience an over -the -top cerebral buzz , instead , you ¬†feel calm and in a laid -back mood . Everything makes you giggle , and you don’t have a casein the world when consuming the Koffee Cake strain .The CBD gives your body the relief you’re looking for after a long day at work . You feel a slight tingling through your anatomy , felling up stress and tension in your muscle and joints . You can finally sit in space with any aches or pains . The indica genes are strong in the Koffee Cake strain . Once the head buzz start to wear off, you won’t want to enjoy any activities . It’s your time to revel in the calmness and relax .Your bed or couch now fells like cloud nine , and the thought of moving out of this utopia seems impossible ,with time you drift off into a deep slumber like a newborn baby. The next morning you feel refreshed and ready to get your day started .

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