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Kool Whip is a slightly indica domination hybrid strain(60% indica /40 sativa )created through crossing the powerful Cookies N Cream X Starfighter  X Colombian strains .Named for its super creamy flavor  , Kool whip is one bud that any hybrid lover will instantly fall head over heels for .Like its name suggests , Kool whip packs a sweet and creamy flavor with hints of sour citrus and pushes of flowery woods, too .The aroma is very similar , with a woody overtone that’s accented by creamy citrus and fresh earthly flowers .The Kool whip high has a happy and lifted overtone that takes you high and keep you there for hours on end .You’ll fell a euphoric  boots fill your mind a few minutes after your final exhale , sharpening your senses and filling you with a sense of focus .This focus quickly takes a heady turn , leaving you giggling and laughing at anything and everything around you for no reason at all .This heady is high accompanied by a relaxing physical effect that keep you anchored and slightly couch -lock at times .In combination with its high 20-24% average THC level , these effects make Kool whip a great choice for treating conditions such as depression , inflammation, insomnia ,chronic pain , mood swings and chronic stress .This bud has fat oversized grape-shaped bright neon green nugs with lots of light orange hairs and a coating of tiny , frosty white crystal trichomes .

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