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Lucid Blue is a sativa dominant hybrid strain ( 80% sativa /20% indica ) created through crossing the classic Amnesia Haze X Blue Dream strains . known¬† for its super clarifying high ,Lucid Blue is a favorite for wake and bakes when you need a little extra energy and motivation to get up and going .The high starts with a subtle lifted effect that begins with a tingle in the back of your eyes before spreading like cooling waves of water throughout the rest of your mind. You’ll fell a sense of mental clarity settle in that lends itself well to any mental tasks that you have at hand. In combination with its high 20-28% average THC level and 1-4% CBD level , these effects give Lucid Blue a high medicinal edge in treating conditions such as migraines or headaches ,nausea , chronic stress , and chronic fatigue.The bud has a sweet and fruity blueberries with a touch of spicy earth to it upon exhale .The aroma is very similar , although with a rich pungency to it that sweetens as the nuts are burned .Lucid Blue buds have minty green space shape nugs with bright blue undertones ,vivid orange hair, and sparking frosty tiny white crystal trichomes.

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